I am the luckiest girl on the planet to know some amazing, creative, inspiring teachers and friends.  These folks are essential to my life  as an actor in New York City, along with the lives of many, many others.

Please  check them out!

Teachers / Coaches / Great People To Know


Jen Waldman Studio:  Musical theater classes for the performing artist, Jen is the BEST.


Andrew Byrne:  Voice teacher extraordinaire, can’t survive without this man.


Eddie Schnecker:  Incredible voice teacher, pianist, coach AND performer - and a super wonderful person.


Erin’s Faces: Makeup artist, teacher and owner of a full makeup and skincare line!


Billy Bustamante: Amazing headshots, ridiculously talented performer, great person


Jasper Grant: One of the most astoundingly talented musicans  I've ever come across.   If you need an MD, a coach, an incredible pianist, a creative mind..this dude is the person to call.


Off the Leash Productions: Great videographers, ask for Jeremy Handelman!





Seriously talented actor friends


Shanna Lesniak


Jenny Neale


Erin Williams